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Title: Nexus 0001
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
This is a one-man project leaded by Jimmy Church hailing out of Anchorage, Alaska – well, some people like it cold in their area. It is already the fourth CD for this project, which has made itself a fine name as being a remixer/collaborator with acts like UNTER NULL, CLAWFINGER, NIN or MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO to name only a few. With 80 minutes playing time placed into 14 tracks the maximum to satisfy the term "full-length release" is fulfilled like never-ever before. LUCIDSTATIC plays a sort of intelligent Electronica by integrating an enormous diversity through different styles like IDM, D’n’B, Trance, Trip-Hop and a small doze of Electro as well. The tracks are mostly fast-paced and offer some complex drum pattern programmings – at times intentionally very nervous arranged ("Morter", "Robotix"). It is an instrumental kind of work, even some voice samples here and there give a hint on the meaning and content of the tracks. Favorites I like to name with the rather dark sounding "Connection", a track which generally slows down the hectic mood a bit, also "Slag" and "Gonna Get You" get this vote for having attractive, more experimental textures and a doze of Noise on board. If you aren’t an IDM addict, this stuff needs time to grow on you and at least your fully attention – the complex arrangements and the at times weird textures aren’t that easy to pick up and sort in. This stuff is designed for friends of some Component or Ad Noiseam-related stuff and acts – at least this references maybe besides the experimental-minded AUTECHRE do fit well as a possible comparison.

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