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Title: Lack Of Conversation
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Despite what suggested by the title, this cd features what conversationwise could be a spoken word performance and I would add that’s a really passionate one. Heddy Boubaker fits perfectly in the mold of Creative Sources releases that should be considered under a performative perspective much more than "music" canonically speaking. The audio work he did on for the recording of saxophone, cans and of his body (he listed them as his main instruments on this one) is good, therefore beside having a good use of pan-potting you can ear the sound definition is strong and clear. As many other performers he exploited his mouth and his saliva to create that typical "white-noise" ambience you have with brass, but he tapped his fingers on the body of the instrument obtaining that typical sound you hear in many performances nowadays. In the process of selection that bought to this release, he probably tried to differentiate the timbre of every sound, so that you have high and low registers mainly divided in different tracks. Boubaker in his working on acoustic research applied to his instrument has an outspoken physical approach that brought me to think he could be an unsounding Mats Gustafsson, I write it cause in some way the majority of the tracks in some way are muscular and he’s not playing that much with silence like many others on the portuguese label. I still find one of the most interesting thing of this work is who he’s chosen to pan pot and to move this or that sound in aural space, by some means this a peculiarity of this "Lack Of Conversation" since it bring near to some electronic work instead of an acoustic or impro performance. Everything keeps moving from one ear to the other, slowly and fast according to the necessity of every sound event, that’s also what make you think in first place to performative music and like it happens quite often you sit down with your headphones on and every sound moves around you as if it was a some ritual fight act. This’ one of those kind of releases with that characteristical sound "a la Creative Sources": love it or leave it.

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