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Title: Icons for a New Religion
Format: CD
Label: Lumberton Trading Company (@)
Rated: *****
"Icons for a New Religion" is the new album by Formication after 5 cdr releases on their own Harmful Records. Blending early-Autechre rhythmic obsessions with a thick ritual atmosphere, the Nottingham-based duo create something of fierce originality in their new work. "In the kingdom of the Electronic Eye" is an amazing track where cyclic patterns and whispering voices are worked togheter into the larger, intricate sound matrix.
The album highlight is "Faces of Fire", a piece composed by two tracks: the first part ("The Frictionless Continuum") shows a meandering synthwork over a repetitive rhythmic pounding - the second part ("Introspection") starts with a
Rapoon like hypnotic pattern then develops with some Coil-esque vocals brimming with increased insistence as the track progresses. So, whether you prefer to call it "rhythmic side of ritual ambient" or "magick dance music" (!!!) this record is nothing less than astonishing. After last year's amazing album by Theme, another excellent record from Brighton's Lumberton Trading.

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