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Artist: MILANESE (@)
Title: adapt
Format: CD
Label: Planet Mu (@)
Rated: *****
What a name?!... and what a release!! For non-Italians readers: a "Milanese" is a an habitant of Milan, this Milanese instead comes from England and only hell knows where he’s found out this funny moniker. The cover may look naive but you can’t even imagine how it embodies vividly the essence of the music featured on the cd until you’ve heard it. "Adapt" is a rhythmical release where "negritudo" and "africanism" are pumped at their maximum level. Milanese pays an heavy tribute to jungle music but while many of the vocals and the most of the beat patterns can make you think to Busta Rhymes??? Plunged in more minimal and electronic salsa (and above all with a sober production), the general atmosphere is dark as fuck!. At last as you can see from the cover, the black girl wearing a Milanese tattoo on her shoulder is a vampire (I think it comes from an eighties’ movie but I can remember which... "Space Vampires?") and as I’ve already said it’s a quite explicit manifesto of the music. The ninety per cent of the beats and many of the bass lines are saturated or simply distorted and they keep marching strong and mechanical like the heartbeat of an android. In most of the tracs the rhythmical patterns constitute more than the mare skeleton and you can easily guess he did a really good work to make them sound this way. The "flesh covering the skeleton" is made out of simple and well arranged sounds, while the bass lines are often crossed by some vocals. Sometimes the ambience reminded me "Meat Beat Manifesto in dub" if it was not for the fact "adapt" is far from dub except for those fast rappin’ who’s origin lays in jamaican. Without any doubt this one is one of the best blend of jungle influences, black music and electronics I’ve heard so far and it’s one of those records that really deserves the term: "boombastic!". While coming from a different scene, it’s surprising how close this release is to some of the things done by latest Techno Animal, Ice and Scorn. For example think to Kevin Martin and how he went deep into the process of extremization of drum and bass with his project named The Bug. Yo nigga!! Wake up nigga!!... "How can you say to me yo my niga, cursin' up a storm with your finger on a trigger, feelin' all the girls like a big gold digger... " (Public Enemy).

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