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Title: Tlapallan Pantonal
Format: CD
Label: War Office Propaganda (@)
Rated: *****
Started back in 2001 in Finland as a personal musical project by Jaakko Padatsu, Lingua Fungi is releasing its second album titled TLAPALLAN PANTONAL. Based on a personal interpretation of Central American mythology the album is mainly focused on the myth of Quetzalcoatl (from Wikipedia: "In Aztec religion, Quetzalcoatl was a benefactor god, considered a leader among the deities, that would come back after his departure to take back the empire") and a lot of sound used by Jaakko remind of the instruments of American ancient music tradition but they are used into an ambient industrial context which is, in this way, enriched by the contrast of synth pads and noises with flutes, guitars and percussions. The seven tracks of the album are able to involve the listener and carry him through mysterious lands. Sometimes the ambient drones take a hold on the other sounds but once the music starts being joined by percussions and stuff the magic starts again...

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