Music Reviews

Title: Deep Frieze
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Fourth SleepResearch Facility's release and second CD for Cold Spring, DEEP FRIEZE is a sort of concept album based on the idea of creating a soundtrack for an Antarctic scenario (its catch phrase reported inside the foldout booklet is "there is a certain comforting warmth in the encroaching slumber of hypothermia"). The five tracks, which are titled after geographic coordinates (like "79ºS 83ºW" or "72ºS 49ºE"), are long cold minimal ambient suites where sometimes some subtle melodies surface. For sure the aim of creating a sense of cold isolationism has been reached but sometimes I have the feeling that the effect's research made lose the point about the sound. The sibilant sounds are overwhelming and the slow growth of the tracks' structure make you feel them a little static. I'm not telling that this is a weak point but I'd like to point this out just to warn the listener about the experience he's going to have as the tracks are like movements of a long suite which for the whole album length will make you feel stuck underwater, under the ice, struggling for your life where the only sound is created by the pressure of the water and by the moving icebergs.

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