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Artist: DEADBURGER (@)
Title: c' ancora vita su Marte
Format: CD
Label: Goodfellas
Rated: *****
A weird cd for the average target of this webzine, but it's 2007 we're a bunch of good folks and we can take almost everything even if that doesn't imply you've to submerge our mailboxes of releases... honestly it's already too hard. This one is one of those releases sung in italian language with an unconventional "poppy" attitude, probably nothing intentionally mainstremam but Deadburger has all those characteristics that could push the band between the new italian indie sensation like it happened with Offlaga Disco Pax, Bluevertigo or Bugo. Being a "weird" (nor fish nor flash somehow) release, with that bit of irony and with electronics it also made me think to that masterpiece titled "Il cucchiaio infernale" that a while ago had shown the incredible talent of R.U.N.I (believe me, if this world was really round these guy with a record like that should have become rich). The first approach with "c'è ancora vita su marte" was so and so, but this an ok cd, I've been too quick to judge, infact this’ much smarter and more inspired than the many demential/ironic band looking for a chart-climber single. I don't think these guys have the chart-climber, but this effort is well done, well recorded and well produced, it reminded me of R.U.N.I., Devo, some Bluvertigo for the fact they all mix a bit of electronica with a indie-melodic-whatever-rock attitude. If it was still the end of Y2K this could have been on Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti for the fact it now follows the footsteps becoming the modern answer to Utsmamò and above all to Acid Folk Alleanza but also something of Cccp. Not my cup of tea but with some good points.

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