Music Reviews

Artist: ZONK'T (@)
Title: -trope
Format: CD
Label: Sound On Probation (@)
Rated: *****
Less than a year ago I reviewed the previous Zonk't album "Purr" and now Laurent Perrier is back with a new work titled -TROPE. Since from the opening "Somersault" the new album presents itself as an interesting one. At a first listening I heard echoes of early Biosphere mixed with i.d.m. and techno intuitions. Laurent alternates tracks based on ambient rhythmical layers to others focused on bleeps and rhythms creating in this way a good album which is able to balance different sounds and atmospheres. Tracks like "Disruption" and the following "Look part.5" are a sort of i.d.m. music coming from outer space (along with the web of intricate rhythm there's also a certain surrounding sidereal cold feeling) while the first three tracks "Somersault", "Throb" and "Spark" are sounding more ambient techno. After those three tracks Laurent started to be carried away by a minimal approach while I was preferring his rich textures of melodies, pads and rhythms. The remaining tracks aren't bad ones but you have the same effect you have when you switch from a Chemical Brothers track (took one of their singles where there's always a catchy tune) to one by Autechre.

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