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Artist: POLVERE (@)
Title: self-titled
Format: 10"
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
This 10" comes right after the japanese tour of the band and be it the oriental air be it the food with which they've been nourished there, but this slab of vinyl features some of the best songs ever recorded by the band. If you never heard Polvere I think you'd better start by this release, the band is a duo including Xabier Iriondo and Mattia Coletti, probably the most active artists of the whole Wallace roster. This time they've been surrendering to melody much more than ever before and receded from their experimental side, the final result is there: a short collection of inspired and unconventional folk ballads. Acoustic guitar driven songs with some field recording, noises, instruments to enrich the scenario but the folk essence this time is top notch. The cut and paste work of post-production done by Iriondo is good as always but really discrete and this time fits wonderfully with what I think it's a psychedelic/seventies influence that probably lays in the background of both the musician involved in Polvere. I guess for those who loved the previous cd this could be worth of their money while for many of you this could be a good introduction to the band.

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