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Title: Sator
Format: CD
Label: Eibon
Rated: *****
As unprofessional as it may sound, sometimes a review can almost write itself. Take two of Italy's most talented (and meticulous) ambient projects, Andrea Marutti's Amon and Giuseppe Verticchio's Nimh, let them play, edit and mix for several months, and have the end result released on a quality label like Eibon... Still, while undoubtly being what one could expect in terms of genre (i.e. dark drones), the work reveals how this has been a true, intense collaboration, not just a swapping of files or discontinuous jamming. Played with a variety of instruments (synths of course, e-bow guitars, ring modulator, field recordings, zither, tapes...), and featuring Verticchio's wife, Daniela Gherardi, as an important guest musician on three out of five tracks, "Sator" begins with the expected "smooth" cosmic drones, but later on (especially in tracks 3-5) incorporates a more varied sound palette. Listen for example to "Tenet", where a dysmal melody of bowed guitar strings strives to float above a sea cavernous drones, or to the looser noises and frequencies streaking the final piece, "Sator". A monolith in terms of quality, density and length (75'), but luckily a wisely crafted and detailed audio experience.

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