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Title: Into Sleep
Format: CD
Label: Fin de Siècle Media
Rated: *****
Diskrepant's "33-12" was a favourite of mine and possibly my very favourite Fin de Siècle release, so I was looking forward to hearing Per Ahlund's next step. Unfortunately, "Into Sleep" hasn't clicked with me at all, and while being a rather short (41') album, I almost found it hard to listen to it in one go. While "33-12" organically mixed electronics, drones and ritual instrumentation, this new work heavily relies on synths, manipulated samples and possibly software granulation/synthesis, and the effect is surely colder, but that's not the problem with me. The fact is, all tracks lack any emotional grip, they're wearing but don't convey any image, feeling, etc. "Apparatus Like Womb" is possibly the most interesting one, with tinkling particles, reversed noises, screeches and bleeps, phased samples... a sort of sum of what is featured in the rest of the disc, but in a more adventurous composition. But as a whole, I'm disappointed.

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