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Title: Adrenaline
Format: CD
Label: Rustblade (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
Active since 1997 Luca Torasso's personal project Sandblasting is presenting to the fans of noise industrial percussive sounds his latest release titled ADRENALINE. Starting from its name, Sandblasting wanted to define its target and its sound: grinding noise which is able to remove rust from listener's heads. With this purpose in mind, Luca recorded, helped by Stefano Rossello (:Bahntier:) and Justin Bennet (who produced and played on the latest :Bahntier:'s album), eleven tracks in balance from percussive industrial noise and breakcore which are influenced by early Test Department (see the metallic percussive sounds used), Merzbow (see the white noise parts) and early Ant Zen bands (see how the rhythm layers are built). The result will please the lovers of the genre and if with the opening track "Near the dead" I feared of being about to listen 70 minutes of wild noise, the second one (the first rhythmical one on the album) made me realize that something else was going on. Luca is good at blending all his sound, being able to build a well working wall of sound but, for my tastes, sometimes he's stuck into a loop and someway the tracks end into repeating themselves with the noise and the rhythms going back and forth like a wave of liquid concrete. I'd rather prefer tension and dark ambience to this amount of noise but it's only my opinion and if you love industrial rage check this out...

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