Music Reviews

Artist: DUAL
Title: Tocsin
Format: CD
Label: Mystery Sea
Rated: *****
Mostly a solo expression of UK soundmaker Colin Bradley (who used to play with Splintered, for those who remember them), the Dual project has been releasing records since 1993, and though I have only listened to a handful of them, I think the main ingredients remain the same: guitar-generated dronescapes that some years ago would have been tagged as "isolationism". Bradley definitely knows how to handle his tools, and the result is a fascinating journey through underwater visions, in the purest Mystery Sea tradition (hell, after 32 releases we can safely speak of a label identity, correct?). What is great is Bradley's ability to vary the typical sustained drones with almost percussive patterns, generally made of simple looped strummings; not to mention the superb, ultra-bleak track which closes the album dragging you right to the ocean bottom with a leaden hand. My favourite disc out of the recent MS output.

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