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Artist: AUDELA
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Plague Recordings
Rated: *****
My first meeting with the (Belgian?) project Audela, about which I know next to nothing, except that it has recently released another cd(r) on Plague, which I'll review soon. This eponymous debut is packed in an aptly cosmic layout and unsurprisingly "inspired by Jupiter's Great Red Spot, an ongoing storm first glimpsed 400 years ago". Nothing new in the ambient niche, but it surely works fine as an introduction: Audela's drones would actually be a good soundtrack for a documentary about galactic disasters. The first track features spacey, vaguely retro synth pads disturbed by stabs of noisy waves, somehow announcing that the record is going to get darker and darker throughout. Track 2 is a kind of underwater gurgle to which more atmospheric layers are progressively added, with a few odd bleeps here and there; the following piece follows its wake with a frightening stasis streaked by metallic drones and psychedelic reflections, while the final tracks are lost in outer-space darkness, close to the cold ambient isolationism of projects like Netherworld or Amon. No doubt that Audela is not breaking any new ground, and probably doesn't pretend to; this is also a lengthy record, and maybe I would have left out a track, but I've been told the same about my records, so who am I to give advice. What's already there is good sturdy dark ambient, and those into the genre will surely appreciate this.

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