Music Reviews

Artist: Dimlite
Title: This is Embracing
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Sonarkollektiv (@)
Distributor: Rooftop Promotions
Rated: *****
Dimlite is Dmitri Grimm, with help from friends on vocals and woodwinds. Hip jazzy cut �n paste sonic pilfering from all and sundry results in the post-pop alliteration and disassembled count-the-cultural-reference game. Interesting as all this is, I can�t help but think that this is just the musical version of channel surfing. Something I like to do, but ultimately results in a sense of ennui and boredom as we experience reality in even smaller and smaller pieces, lighting on nothing for more than a few seconds until our ever decreasing attention spans force us to change the channel again. Don�t get me wrong, I like this but I can�t help thinking that this is the end of art and not a good thing in the long run. Perhaps this art form is the intermediate stage of something wonderful, waiting in the wings until all the fuss has died down. I hope so. It will do until then or until I find something else to listen to.

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