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Title: cracked mirrors and stopped clocks
Format: CD
Label: Expanding (@)
Rated: *****
With such a weird name I was expecting something ethnical or at least experimental and I was wrong, if you will have the chance to give a listen to this nice cd you'll find it yourself. Tom Hill is the man behind the moniker and "behind the machines", he plays a simple acoustic guitar in the majority of the tracks on this release. Ok I imagine somebody out there is complaining you've probably heard a million releases with acoustic guitar plus electronic but even if may sound boring I think beyond individual taste, and beside the originality issue you always have good and bad releases. "Cracked mirrors..." belongs to the first of the two aforementioned categories, Hill writes simple melancholic songs cast on simple non intrusive rhythmic. This acoustic guitar driven electronic-pop is enriched by an all english taste for melodies, and thought it may sound "weird" believe me Nick Drake would have been proud to see how his countrymen have evolved his "language". Can we say there's a spruce of ambient music to make the listening even more conformable? I think so, at last it's such an obvious (and joyful) marriage. This is the typical cd I can relax myself with without my girlfriend complaining in the back, it probably won’t add anything to the good quality of this work but this’ a good thing, alas: "approved by my girlfriend".

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