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Artist: DWELLING (@)
Title: Ainda E Noite
Format: CD
Label: Equilibrium Music (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Second full release by Dwelling, AINDA E NOITE presents, after four years from the previous album, eleven new tracks full of pathos, calmness and a bit of melancholy. Adding a new member on violin the Portuguese combo mix classic Mediterranean melodies with some jazz intuitions and also contemporary music on the beautiful closing "Opus DCXVI". The tracks are built around the interaction of two classical acoustic guitars which create a soft web of arpeggios helped by a bass guitar and violins. The solid melodic musical background sustain the vocal performances of Catarina Raposo, who sung both in English and in Portuguese language. Being an acoustic band who doesn't use samples or post production tricks, Dwelling, focus their efforts into presenting strong compositions which are able to create different kind of atmospheres. I'm not that much into Mediterranean melodies but I highly appreciated their being sound artisans. Just listen to the last minute of "Some love, please?" where we have a passage where the melody passes from a jazzy structure to a dark classical modern piece. I loved these atmospheres where the band is capable to leave on their back any influence just to create particular moments with dissonant melodies. Lyrically the album tells of the feminine feelings of solitude and they create an "evening" atmosphere where the curtains of a sleeping room filter the sunset's sunbeams. When the day starts to fade out there's no make up left and the intimacy of a room is ready to receive the stories of a life...

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