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Title: Dissected & Resurrected
Format: CD
Rated: *****
After releasing their album "Mass Market Misery" the duo behind Freudstein started to collect remixes of their songs previously released into their two album and since their high quality decided to issue a limited edition remixes album where the first ten tracks are re-works of their songs and the remaining five are 2000÷2006 Freudstein's remixes of other bands' tracks. The first thing to notice is how much different the remixes of the Freudstein's songs are, compared to the original versions. Gary Hughes, Ewigkeit, The Grey Constant, Autofire, History Of Guns, Agent, Dissolved, Swarf and In The Now did an excellent work by transforming the original guitar driven songs into something totally different and interesting. The opening "Misadventure" has been turned into a cool future pop song by Gary Hughes, while "Shadows" is now sounding like a sensual electronic track thanks to Ewigkeit. The Grey Constant made "Return to the old forest" become an ambient i.d.m. track with sci-fi atmospheres. Autofire made of "Robots Pt2: Murder space" a semi e.b.m./gabber with horror melodies. Industrial e.b.m. treatment has been the choice of History Of Guns for "Robots Pt: Face the truth" while industrial metal is the choice Agent made. These are only few of the cool versions you'll find on the "Dissected" section. About the remixed made by Freudstein (they remixed The Chaos Engine, Arkam Asylum, Swarf and Xykogen) I have to say that the old ones are good but not enough for me who know their new sound. They sound a little raw and less powerful compared to the new stuff, while the Xykogen remix they did in 2006 is less particular but more direct. Anyway for ten Euros you'll have the opportunity to have good tunes. If you are more into downloading, visit the Freudstein shop and you'll find a link where you'll be able to purchase the files.

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