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Title: Sic Itur Ad Astra
Format: CD
Rated: *****
SIC ITUR AD ASTRA is the advanced promotional album released by Pahnteon Legio Musica which anticipate the release of the official album "Per aspera ad astra" that will be released on November 2007 by Hydra. Pantheon Legio Musica is a band formed by five people coming from different experiences: Andreas Reese (Akasha Chronik / Cataclysm Sculpture), Thomas Bley (Aeldaborn), Marcus Stevens (Cataclysm Sculpture), Andreas Bittner (ConSIDer) and Kyoung-Hi Roho (Idiogene Geniotie). Their other bands style span from the melancholy electro wave of Akasha Chronik to the neo-folk of Aeldaborn. Anyway, let go back to Pantheon Legio Musica. SIC ITUR AD ASTRA presents to the audience ten tracks beautifully crafted where the main influence, talking about iconography as well as music, is the Roman empire. The band file their music under "ancient industrial" and this is a singular way of describing their style but it fits really well what they do. Tracks like "SPQR" or "Asia minor" really make you think about the Roman legions walking through foreign lands battling and conquering. It's also nice to notice that the melodies and some rhythms used by the band do really fit what the music of that era was sounding. Some years ago I had a score of an ancient Egyptian melody (probably of the latter period of the classic era of the Egyptian empire, when they had been deeply influenced by their relationship with the Roman empire) and I can find some of these melodies on the Pantheon Legio Musica tunes. If the rhythm section is based on rumbling floor toms the melody is played by flutes, trumpets, choirs, guitar and some orchestral instruments. They did also a version of an ancient Greek "song": "Hymn to Kalliope & Appollon" composed by Mesomedes of Crete. The two songs sung by Kyoung-Hi Roho ("Sacred Grove" and "Pompeii") are capable of creating an intriguing atmosphere where neo-folk and martial industrial blend. Check some of their tunes on their myspace page. I can't wait to check their debut album, too bad it will be released on falling 2007.

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