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Artist: ZIBIR
Title: Electrodes
Format: CD EP
Label: Haunted House Records (@)
Rated: *****
A new CD-EP release for the UK-based Haunted House Recordings label, with ZIBIR a debut of a new solo effort of Mat Howlett. We lately have discovered Mat’s other project HAPPY WELLY, a kind of fun and light-hearted Electronica project. But ZIBIR differs musically by offering a kind of instrumental arranged lo-fi dark electronic music and likes to call the works of KRAFTWERK, DAFT PUNK and DEEE-LITE as possible influences. Not very conventionally produced, the provided music here offers rhythmically tunes with a lighter attitude, but also stuff to sink in and chill-out ("Electrodes (Matulator Mix)"). Quite interesting arranged, this 6-track EP offers at all three different tracks, plus three remix works on the title track, one of them created by the label colleague of CREATURE. The "Maximix" of the title track gets my vote for the best piece here, maybe asides the darker sounding remix work by CREATURE. "Electrodes" works well as a convincing background sound design, but offers also several interesting structures and ideas to get checked out under a pair of headphones.

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