Music Reviews

Title: Dead Machines' Revolution!
Format: CD
Label: Strobelight Records (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
I knew The Last Days Of Jesus because of their MCD "Narrentanz" released back in 1999. Since then I appreciated their attitude of taking the batcave/post punk sound and making it evolve into something personal and energetic. Since then I haven't the opportunity to check their releases until now. DEAD MACHINES' REVOLUTION! confirms my positive feeling I had back then as on this album we find Mary0 and friends performing 13 tracks of personal gothic rock where the theatrical vocal performance of Mary0 are well supported by the music of the band. Post punk, goth and new wave are revived by the quartet which along with their label mates Miguel & The Living Dead (I saw they live in Italy about a year ago) are doing a great job by breaking old cliches of goth by including also some r'n'r/rockabilly influences.

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