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Artist: Anorkia
Title: Children of Pride
Format: CD
"What makes a great release?" is the kind of question I had on my mind today when listening to my new Demo Ep from "Anorkia", titled "Children of Pride". I soon knew the answer after I pressed play.

A band, started in early 2002, has collaborated many members. But the core members, as of now, are:

Fang - First concepts, synths
Dr3w - Vocal programming and supervision, mixing
Je$$ - Vocals - Mixing, remixing, mastering

These four people have created a sound far beyond words. Anorkia isn't just some new underground band. It's a whole new look at electronic synth pop. From the grungy keys, to the sexy vocals, this band can appeal to any fan of any genre. Now to tell you a little about "Children of Pride".

The first track, "War, Sex, Crime", starts off with a burst of hard beats whcih soon picks up to loud synths and the sound of Dr3w rhyming into his mic. The lyrics on this track are amazing. Some of the best I've ever heard in a while. The song has a nice overall beat to it, and is very dance-able. Although you can't hear the beginning vocals to well because of the distortion, it's still a very good song.

The second track, "An", has wonderful melodies and great synths. The vocals are more clear than "War, Sex, Crime". Towards the end, this track gets a little repetitive, but overall, a job well done.

The third track, "Falling Down", has the same feel as "An" gives off. A great tune overall. But it too, gets a little reptitive at the end.

The fourth track, "Power to Believe", gives off a great, mellow vibe, but still maintains that crystal clear Anorkia sound from the previous three tracks. There aren't any vocals, but the track still has a great feeling to it, which makes it astonishing.

The fifth track, "War Sex Crime (Dark Trance Remix)", is the same as the original track, but is very darker, and has a stronger feel to it. The synths added to make this remix are wonderful, but there needed to be a change.

The sixth and final track, "An (Concrete Slab Remix)", is, too, very similar as the original track. It has a new funky vibe to it though, which I didn't like as much as the original, but still, very catchy and fun.

War, Sex, Crime - 9/10
An - 7/10
Falling Down - 8/10
Power to Believe - 9/10
War Sex Crime (Dark Trance Remix) - 7/10
An (Concrete Slab Remix) - 7/10

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