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Title: Concert Industriel Pour Orgue, Op.49
Format: CD
Label: Ars Benevola Mater (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
Originally recorded in 1998 at St. Wenceslas catholic church in Prague and released as CDR for Catch Arrow Recordings, CONCERT INDUSTRIEL POUR ORGUE is an astonishing work by Vladimir Hirsch. The four tracks/suites are played by the Czech Integrated Ensemble conducted by Hirsch, who took care of the organ and of all the electronic instruments. First of all I must underline that the organ is an important part of the score but it isn't the only instrument which has an important role, because the rhythmic layers and all the "noisy" parts are built using percussions (crash cymbals and floor tom) and industrial sounds and the Czech Integrated Ensemble has also a woodwind section. For the whole length of the CD (44 minutes) the tension is always at the top and there's alternation of "calm" parts with vibrant and throbbing sounds and of blasting moments where the organ cries its dissonant keys while the cymbals duet with the percussions. Melody is present but it isn't the main thing to notice, because the ambience created is much more relevant. This edition is the revised 2001 version and it's the first part of the CD series which will include "Symphony No. 2" and "Symphony No.3". P.s. This release will be also available into the forthcoming 7 CD box set "The Assent To Paradoxon" which will include "Sense Geometry", "Concert industriel", "Symphony no.4", "Nonterra", "Exorcisms", "Les scenes ardentes" and "Contemplatio per nexus".

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