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Artist: PSY'AVIAH (@)
Title: Creationism
Format: CD
Distributor: Alfa Matrix
Rated: *****
Formed back in 1999 as a studio-project, Psy'aviah started their activity focusing their sound on a blend of pop / breakbeat / bigbeat / industrial. After playing live in different locations the band decided to take a break and to record their first album. CREATIONISM has been produced and mastered by Len Lemeire of Implant / 32 Crash fame at his own studio (he's also guest on vocals on the closing song "The village"). The CD presents eleven new tracks which blend e.b.m., rock and a little bit of goth (like on "Avon girls"). The mix and the alternation of genres sometimes create a sort of unbalance of the tracklist ("Infatuation" could sound as a electronic version of the Garbage while "Love hate destruction" remember me Birmingham 6 of "You cannot walk here") but the alternation of male and female vocals create a good effect which introduce new elements on their sound. Each track is developed on a structure and the band generally tend to stick on it and the solution I mentioned before helps into having a varied sound (only on a couple of tracks the difference of genres is too noticeable). A nice album that will interest the lovers of genres' crossover as well as electronic lovers thanks to the danceable attitude of many tracks. The album is available as a CD through the band and as digital download through the Digital Matrix network (check the Alfa Matrix link).

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