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Title: Romantic Interface
Format: 12"
Label: Arne Weinberg (@)
Distributor: Neuton
Rated: *****
After his previous releases on Frantic Flowers, Gerard Hanson a.k.a. Convexion lands on Arne Weinberg with four tracks of ambient techno. The first track "Translucent blue display" is driven by bass drum and a classic vintage drum machine sound, here ambient layers spread their waves like lasers while additional bleeps give an acid touch to the whole. "Laconic" is more "Detroit techno" with its looped structure and its dark atmosphere. "Salmo" sounds like a mysterious ambient oriental track but with a bass line coming from an electro funk song. The closing "Consumer identity" starts with an ambient layer with a bleeping background and soon after a cool bass line and a 4/4 rhythm join in making it sound like techno dark ambient track. Try it...

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