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Artist: ISOTHESIS (@)
Title: Cocoon Of Red Light
Format: CD
Label: Beast Of Prey (@)
Rated: *****
Heading from France, Isothesis has released his third album in a limited edition of 200 copies for the Polish label Beast Of Prey. Divided into five industrial dark ambient suites COCOON OF RED LIGHT has been "built" using live recorded drones and sounds. The different movements create slightly different ambience which differ because of the kind of drones and by the use of industrial distortions. The first track begins with gentle bells sound and slowly it turns into a nightmarish soundtrack with humming reverbered vocals and pads joined by grinding digital noises. The second track is focused on distant marching rhythms overwhelmed by layers made out of synth pads. I appreciated the vocal distorted part on the end which gave to the track a personal touch. The third movement is a classic dark ambient track with medieval style chants on its ending. The fourth track expand the atmosphere of the third one focusing on the vocal parts creating a good effect. The final track is the most musical one and starts with a relaxing ambient synth sound which soon meets the sound of hellish hordes with noises which seem of the devil's cavalry. The chaos and the creepy effect grows as the track reach its final minutes. A good album which needs to be listened with attention and at a high volume to be fully appreciated.

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