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Artist: BESTIANERA (@)
Title: Gioco Da Ragazzi
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Rated: *****
Formed by four guys who previously played with bands coming from different musical genres (HC, punk-metal, etc), Bestianera are promoting their third demo thanks to Club Inferno Promotion agency (created by people involved with My Kingdom Music label). Their MCD presents five fresh tracks of new wave which, for the Italian readers that remember the early years of I.R.A. label and their first compilation "Catalogue issue", could remember a sort of mix between Litfiba and Moda with a little bit of electronic arrangements. Their sound is also influenced by modern Italian bands such as Subsonica (see their song "Adrenalina") and they are capable to blend dark atmospheres and pop easiness in a good way. The Italian rock sung in Italian (this was the I.R.A. motto on their early years when they signed Litfiba, Moda, Diaframma and Underground Life) is back definitely!

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