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Artist: ZOMBIE GIRL (@)
Title: Blood, Brains and Rock'n'Roll
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****

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After a while from her debut MCD "Back from the dead" here's the brand new album from Zombie Girl. Created by Icon Of Coil's Sebastian R. Komor and his wife Renee Cooper-Komor the project play around the zombie icon created back in 1968 by George Romero's famous movie "Night of the living dead". Following this theme the duo composed electro tracks with slight techno industrial and r'n'r influences with titles like "Jesus was a zombie", "Dance of the headless corpse", or "Go zombie". Humor is their first weapon but the production experience of Sebastian helped a lot creating something more than a fun album. In this way we have thirteen tracks that even if influenced by the forementioned genres they have also a certain melodic taste and an edgy dance attitude. Of the lot I preferred the ones which blended e.b.m. industrial sounds with a certain techno attitude and I found less convincing the ones that recalled me an industrial version of Blondie (see "Creature of the night" or "Gonna getcha"). Overall the album has good sounds and nice tracks (even if sometimes the vocals have a of pop attitude) and it makes me smile thinking that a pressing plant refused to print the booklet because it contained too much fake blood and plastic brains. P.s. As usual for this kind of releases Alfa Matrix did a limited box-set edition with an extra CD and a T-shirt.

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