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Title: Exposition, eaux fortes et méandres
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****

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Each time I have to approach to a new Collection D'arnell-Andrea it's hard for me to find the right way to explain what I listened or read. This time, after experimenting with acoustic orchestrations on "Tristesse des M'nes" or with melancholic ballads on the first part of the previous "The Bower of Despair", Collection D'arnell-Andrea take inspiration to create their music and lyrics from eleven paintings coming mainly from the 19th century. This is the list of the tracks/paintings: "Les sombres plis de l’'me" inspired by "La neige" (1873) from Charles-François Daubigny, "The monk on the shore" inspired by "The monk on the shore" (1809-1810) from Caspar David Friedrich, "Les herbes mortes" inspired by "Femmes portant du foin sur une civière" (ca 1874) from Camille Pissaro, "Les méandres" inspired by "Crépuscule sur la Loire" (1999) from Richard Boutin, "The long Shadow" inspired by "The long shadow" (ca 1805) from Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, "I can’t see your face" inspired by "Twilight fantasy" (1911) from Edward Robert Hughes, "Les catacombes inspired" by "Loire, tristesse des M'nes" (1988) from Nicolas Mecheriki, "Into flowers" inspired by "l'Angélus" (1858-1859) and "Le printemps" (1868-1873) from Jean-François Mille, "Crowns of golden corn" inspired by "Le rappel des glaneuses" (1839) from Jules Breton, "L’eau des mauves" inspired by "Ophélie" (1852) from John Everett Millais and "The island of the dead" inspired by "L'île des morts" (1880) from Arnold Böcklin. On their website you can find the pictures of the different paintings (only "Loire, tristesse des M'nes" is missing). Musically this album met my tastes as it contains electronic arrangements, upbeat rhythms, passionate vocals. The band blend post punk influences (sometimes I heard also echoes of Virgin Prunes), strings orchestrations, electronic layers (see the bassline of "The monk shore" or "Into flowers") and theatrical vocals that will convince you in no time. Since the opening "Les sombres plis de l’'me" I was hypnotized by the string line that recalled me some parts of Velvet Underground's "Venus in furs". Perfect!

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