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Title: Psyche nomine
Format: CD
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
First album for the Poland duo Biscaveret released after their debut MCDr "In hortis..." for the Israeli label The Eastern Front. The beautiful package (a three panel booklet and a postcard) contains all the lyrics which along tracks' titles like "Strange way to paradise (Ritual II)" or "Akeldama XIV" show the band's interest into magick. Musically this interest is translated into humming or distant vocals, long synth pads, reverbered percussions and creepy samples. If a track like the opening "Ritual of all embracing madness" and the following "Strange way to paradise (Ritual II)" remember me the early Endura, the 15 minutes long "Voices from another state of... mind, heart, body", slowly grows from a semi acoustic track based on piano and strings just to turn into a semi industrial dark ambient track a la In Slaughter Natives. Also the following "Akeldama XIV" is based on chaotic echoes, distant explosions and humming vocals but there's a thin melodic line that lead the listener through the sound magma created. The closing "The insane in God" seems to be a reprise of another track as I already heard that melody but it develops itself into a dark ambient track driven by obscure string sounds and a piano but this time the vocals are intelligible. This work will be of interest for the lovers of obscure suites even if sometimes the sound tend to create the same effect for the whole album length due to the massive use of reverb.

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