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Artist: Pieter Nooten
Title: Ourspace
Format: CD
Label: I-Rain (@)
Rated: *****
Every Goth should know Pieter Nooten from the band Clan of Xymox. He was one of the original members who played synthesizers. He left the band in the early 90's because of music differences. Pieter Nooten is now signed to a new indie label and back in the music scene making music. Beautiful music that is. His debut release is classified as electronic, ambient, and experimental. "Ourspace" is enchanting with heart, beauty and essence. Not only this ex-Xymox keyboardist can make mind relaxing and driving music, he can also sing. This is a magnificent electronic album that will take you on a peaceful journey. Rich synth textures and electronic soundscapes. Excellent production & mellow abstract complex compositions that is challenging. A superb album for abysmal thoughts and when you're alone when you want to close your eyes and go away to another world. Hypnotic, dreamy with tranquility and diverse mood setting that's appealing. The album is co-produced by Anka Wolbert, another ex-Xymox member. A brilliant unique collaboration between the two ex-Xymox members who still have that gifted talent.


1. So Much Easier
2. Lo Down Valley
3. Rain Down
4. Head Circles About The Body
5. Stop Time
6. Sight Return
7. Ship Leaving
8. Surface
9. Red Glint
10. Sanctuary

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