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Title: non io
Format: CD
Label: Wallace/die Schachtel (@)
Rated: *****
In the beginning there was Madrigali Magri, it was a sort of post-rock/alternative trio floating in-between the troubled waters of avant blues, murder ballads and desertic folk, after they split up, their main songwriter joined Bruno Dorella from Ovo/Ronin and they added the world "heaviness" to the vocabulary. I wasn't such a big fun of their debut record even if it really good so much that it got some incredible responses, but it looks this time I've to surrender to the fact this record is undeniably good. Is it so different from the previous chapter?...I don't think so, but the impression is they worked more on melting together the "mammoth" drumming with the dead blues feeling of the songs and for me it woks much better than before. "Non io" mixes this vaguely Nick Cave dead-blues ambience with some "noise-rock" influences and with wave/dark vein (the keyword for the lyrics it's "depression", of course). Hard to say that, but this time the sound of the drum makes me think to trip-hop or to some sophisticated new folk sensation like the Devics, the beat dissolves in the background, it fuels the hypnotical atmosphere of the tracks and clearly in the economy of a "guitar and drums" duo you can imagine how important it is. Strange to see it comes out both on Wallace and on an experimental "non rock/non folk" label like die Schachtel, but tip of hat to the "sacred allegiance" and above all to this elegant, introspective musical collection of failures.

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