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Title: Ignorance
Format: CD
Label: BLC Productions / e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Second official CD release for this Argentinean act, again presented and brought to us by the Arkansas-based label BLC Productions. Currently active with the line-up Ricardo Alien, UTB and Loregore they’ve recently added another female member, Laura M, providing the smooth vocal counterpart to the rough and menacing male vocal performance of UTB. While their signature regarding chosen sounds and arrangements compared to their debut "Revenge" almost remains the same, some development in their work can’t be ignored. Their compositions have won a lot of maturity, the synth textures received more details and complexity, and their music is generally stuff designed for some bass line fetishists – real and well-thought compositional work instead of switching some aperggio-generated sounds. Here can be recognized their best ability, their music is rather dedicated to some classic European EBM influences ("El Proceso"!!!), instead to follow the often proclaimed comparison by some bored wannabe-journalists, they would "sound like another HOCICO clone". Also the new female band member Laura M needs to be mentioned, because of the fine idea to add a more extreme contrast to the deep male voice of UTB. This concept works decent on several pieces like "Reality (Out Of Control)" or "Involution" – but at best on the slow ballad "Reign Of Ignorance". Some instrumental pieces, also rather slow and more depending on melodic synth textures, provide a satisfying listening also at your home entertainment, although globally the ALIEN PRODUKT sound works at best in the dark clubs. Two additional remix works by their fellow colleagues of SUICIDE SOLUTION ("El Proceso") and the Brazilian DEAD JUMP ("City Of Fakes") providing a welcome different view on ALIEN PRODUKT’s music. A good album far away from the usual Hellektro formula, which should be able to lay some more attention of the international Electro/Industrial patrons on this act.

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