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Title: Hell is Not Heaven
Format: CD
Label: Hypervoxx Recordings (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
A new signing for the South-Florida based Hypervoxx Recordings label, a sub-division of Telegrammetry. TOTAL PAIN KOLLAPZ is a one-man project hailing from Sweden providing us a very "own" version of Dark Electro/Industrial music – but I miss any hint for a website, or simply a Myspace account. Described as being an "anger management project" Tony Pettersson is on work here, but at least mostly caged in his very own world. Somehow the terms of the intended label politic of Hypervoxx came to my mind, although I’m not sure if I have read those content on the Telegrammetry website or if it was a comment done by label chief B.A. LaRed via email. It was about that "Hypervoxx will not only focus on the linear and known Electro/Industrial formula, also more experimental and different styles of music will be presented". This project, although musically based in the above mentioned genres, tends to differ from the known formula. For TPK I can agree that this stuff is experimental-minded, although the used sounds are rather old-fashioned and lack of surprising moments – somehow I feel remembered to some very old SUICIDE COMMANDO recordings out of their early demo tape phase. It is rather unconventional how Tony likes to arrange his stuff, this counts especially for the synth textures. I have at least the impression that a lot of his tunes are trying to integrate the term improvisation – the textures at times don’t follow the harmonic theory. This counts also for the sparse integrated rather whispered vocal performance mostly based on a repetitive "murder-death-suicide-motherfucker" content. Here and there the needed precision seems to be vanished on some tracks, although his stuff is rhythmically arranged. But which sense makes an "anger management project" if the tracks with the few exceptions "Where Are You", "U Can’t Kill Me" and "Faithseeker" are hard accessible, uninteresting arranged and drown into repetitions? For me personally this rather causes anger! After the good releases of TAXIM and the highly anticipated MORDACIOUS I would tend to say, that this Swedish episode is a step back – mankind will survive it...

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