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Title: h [ ]
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Room40
Rated: *****
Along with the very nice quasi-3" ep with Lawrence English (see archive), Philip Samartzis has recently released, via the ever fine Room40, this 20-minute collaborative track with Japanese soundmaker Kozo Inada, who has several highly appreciated releases under his belt. "h [ ]" is surely no let down, coming off as one of the best mixes of avant electronics and location recordings that I've heard lately. The former element takes the form of high-pitched frequencies and drones and a few noise crackles, the latter features some remarkable cicadas and seagulls sounds, which are actually IN TUNE with the electronics, not just two layers pasted together. If the electronics+field recordings formula has become a genre in itself, you can hardly find better examples than this.

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