Music Reviews

Artist: CELLULOIDE (@)
Title: Passion & Excitements
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
After delivering the "Bodypop" E.P. in 2006, Celluloide worked to their third album developing the refined style they already presented with the songs released the last year. After listening to PASSION & EXCITEMEMTS a couple of times the best way to describe it is: minimal electronic pop. The elements that cooperate to fulfill the process are the cold/detached way of singing of Darkleti and the bouncing and bleeping sounds provided by Patrick Holdwem and Member U-0176. The album starts with a couple of good songs "Make things last" and "Second chance" where the band bring to the attention of the listeners a cool kind of upbeat electronic pop. At a first listening you could feel that the sounds don’t change that much on the whole CD and that at a long distance it is a little difficult to cope with the "cold" vocals style. Fortunately this change totally with the following spins of the CD you realize that the songs’ structure is rich and multi-layered and most of the tracks have enough energy and catchy melodies to satisfy your electronic needs. Tracks like "Puzzled" or "Translation of love" could also succeed into clubs as they are or remixed.

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