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Artist: YENDRI
Title: Malfunction
Format: CD
Label: Mental Ulcer Forces / Metropolis-Records
Distributor: Soulfood / Nova Media
Rated: *****
Once a time there was a tiny Goth-inspired girl hailing out of Hamburg to teach fear to the international Electro/Industrial scene... Well, that was the impression I had from the info sheet of the label Mental Ulcer Forces, leaded by our almost beloved Rudy Ratzinger aka :WUMPSCUT:. Listed under ULC14 here comes out a new :W: recommendation, maybe a bit in the shadow to the coming same-time release new :W: full-length CD "Body Census". That YENDRI will already release her sixth full-length album speaks for her experience and her musically abilities in this scene. And her experience can be heard on almost all of the featured 16 tracks presented here. While it is hard and near to suicide to release music which needs a wider horizon, which is produced non-linear to some overrated trends, YENDRI seems to have a favor for the unusual. This album needs some more spins for sure and isn’t at all designed for the intolerant short-haired UNTER NULL supporters. A rather silent tone brings in some magic to this release on which you’ll may don’t find an entrance to. It’s a bit to categorize the music – Electro? Yes, for sure and rich available. Goth? Well, some pieces really are really floated with a very sad message and she also knows how to integrate some rather acoustic guitar sounds. The vocals are maybe the point on which the tastes differ. Some may can really find it enjoying, when YENDRI offers her cherry-flower-like fragile voice, while some others could find it disturbing to use too much reverb and delay effects to support some weaker parts. Although this release gets the fully DJ support through Germany’s Hardbeat Promotion and a license deal to Metropolis-Records, I have my doubts that it will take the hearts of the audience by storm. This stuff is rather capable to enjoy under a pair of headphones with some candle lights instead designed for some dancefloor action. YENDRI works in her very own world with a solid result, while not outstanding at all...

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