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Artist: Dekoy (@)
Title: Haunted
Format: CD
Label: Ceremetry 47
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
Second official CD release for this US-based duo, hailing out of Ohio. After their well recognized debut "Redux" also this new one was almost completely produced by the both protagonists, BaZa and d_b, solely the end mastering was done by Steve Laskarides at Was "Redux" rather a collection of danceable songs through the years, "Haunted" follows rather the idea of a conceptual outcome. Musically still based into smooth Synth-/Futurepop music, "Haunted" can be easily enjoyed in one flow. Well done production, catchy hook lines and the crystal-clear and charismatic male vocals are trademarks of this duo, which thematically deals with terms of abandonment, loss, and/or true regret - themes which have their influence on someone's mind in many different facets. So also some spooky-like interludes like "Phone Call" can be heard besides catchy and danceable smashers like the title track or "Looking Down". Diversity is therefore richly present on this professional produced album well packaged in a digi-pack, which will appeal all fans of the genre. Available from their website and/or CDBaby.

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