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Artist: Sophya (@)
Title: Third Wish
Format: CD
Label: Mutantjasz (@)
Rated: *****
Darkwave Israel band Sophya is back with their release that's amazing, impressive, and ripe enchanting. After releasing two cds for Clan of Xymox Ronny Moorings label Stitching Xymox, the band signed with Mutantjasz Records owned by legendary Dutch post-punk band members of Mecano in Holland. "Third Wish" have the more common trappings of great songwriting and go straight to its cerebral and sensual core. This cd is splendid brilliant with deeply emotional female and male vocals, smooth and nice laidback basslines, simple crystal clear synthesizers and electronic melodies with guitar layers that will tranquilize you like a drug. The overall feeling of the cd is its essence of beauty paralleling that of the best recording and production quality for 2007. Sophya can be described as the most original Middle Eastern/European trio band around who can take you to another time, place, and give you something to think about. The cd contains the single "More", a video they shot for, which featured on Europe's MTV and reached number 2 on the chart. Other interesting outstanding tracks includes "A New Life Story", "Orchidea", "Faith", "Stare", "To Tears and Flowers", "Sixteen Rings (For A Memory)", and the superb well done job re-make of Joy Division "Transmission" . Sophya shines because of their impressive range of ideas, moods, and the sheer musicality of the finished whole. This Israel/Holland band got it going on!

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