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Artist: ABSURD MINDS (@)
Title: The Cycle
Format: CD EP
Label: Scanner (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
This well-known German trio hailing from Dresden returns with a new EP, but with 11 tracks it looks nearly like an album. 5 new tracks you’ll got to hear, 1 unexpected cover version ("Hurt" of NIN, musically both acts differ light years...), plus at all 6 remix works based on the both main and outstanding tracks, "The Cycle" and "I Feel Alive". ABSURD MINDS provide again their already known formula of melodic and detailed worked-out Electropop, dark textures and layers and a vocal performance near to old PROJECT PITCHFORK. They’ve grown through the years for sure and could develop to a musically pleasant and catchy result, "The Cycle" is a fine example. For this piece you’ll need only 2 – 3 spins until it has bitten hard in your mind, a real smasher in their known mid-tempo style. Four different remix works of "The Cycle" are also available here, among others acts like LEGACY OF MUSIC and DAYS OF FATE (very Goth-like...) have worked on it. Not a bad work at all, but nothing on here which reaches the quality of the original. "I Feel Alive" instead pushes higher the speed and grows to a real cool dancefloor filler, also the featured "Jones-Mix" turns this fine track into a real aggressive percussion feast – thumbs up! What is still a riddle for me, is the fact that Metropolis until now hasn’t picked up this item – as far that they were responsible for almost all previous releases for the North-American market. This one is definitively worth to get featured and heard in every corner of this world.

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