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Artist: JAPANESE GUM (@)
Title: talking silently ep
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Marsiglia (@)
Rated: *****
I imagine many of you never heard the name Marsiglia records but while producing mainly debut cdr for new bands, the label should have developed a sort of magic touch since it looks like most of the bands they put out sooner or later make it on bigger labels. Just to prove these guys can smell it when it's good: here we have a promising electronic combo coming out of nowhere. Hailing from Genova, Japanese Gum are totally into the IDM/electronic-pop scene and you can hear it strongly underlined in the five tracks of this ep. This debut release is still a bit rough like it was the pre-mastered version of a cd and also still to be focussed (above all for the sound of some loops or for some vocal solutions) but they definitely know how to write that king of songs/tracks. It's true, they write songs much more than tracks, that's why they end to be really poppy sometimes, above all if compared to the glorious IDM hey-days or even to the average electronic release, but it doesn't depend exclusively form the vocals. "Melodic, melancholic and british", that's not the next definition for Radiohead (another good name to enclose in the list of influences together with Sigur Ros and Mum), it's just a short definition that fits really well with this mcd. Port Royal made it on Resonant after a cdr like this... will they have the same luck? Keep your eyes and ears open.

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