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Artist: Psi Vamp (@)
Title: Neckrolust
Format: CD
Rated: *****
Atlanta based Psi Vamp is back with another fiery Techno Goth release. Thick, sweet, tight, and so challenging with sharp production. All 14 tracks are so powerful that's so hard and aggressive to make you get up and dance. The tracks will even go great to a sci-fi movie, tv show, even Japanese anime. The sci-fi effects coming from the synths is totally sooo cool. The styling of the synth technology waves form, forceful high energy, and the programmed drums keep things deep and moving along. A couple of tracks have an industrial feel that reminded me some of the the music I heard on some of the cartoons on Cartoon Network that comes on late at night for mature adults. "Neckrolust" is a gateway cyberspace passage that will constantly suspend you endlessly on the dancefloor. The cd is dark, tough, heavy, and intense as techno goes. The tracks are full of stellar razor fast tempo. Synthesizers and samples streamlined remarkably futuristic with brightness and complexity. A cycling pattern just enough to enter Psi Vamp's matrix and take you on a galactic dance adventure. I was immediately hooked when I first put on the disc. And you will too after you give it a first spin. This is one brilliant excellent album! Definitely recommended to be played in bass stereo systems.


1. Prelude
2. The Ritualists
3. Sea Invasion
4. My Salvation
5. Seven Sisters
6. Neckrolust
7. La Fae Verte
8. The Dream
9. Hall Of Anubis
10. Gematria Domain
11. Crossroads
12. Asylum
13. Deceived
14. Invoked

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