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Artist: PRO JEKT (@)
Title: Encryption
Format: CD
Label: Nightbreed (@)
Distributor: PHD
Those who know Nightbreed recordings know what to expect: metal guitar driven gothic music with dancefloor beats, in a nutshell. UK four piece Pro Jekt successfully attempts to bring together the nu metal kids with the most open minded goths of the scene. The overall impact is quite powerful. Nice electronic patterns ranging from liquid to plastic sounds, hammering industrial-dance beats and heavy and pounding guitar riffs that give it that rough and aggressive scratchy approach. The (male) vocals are not much treated so a melodic vein transpires quite well through the solid surface, and the fact that the register varies from deep throat tones to mid-high timbre helps the band to slightly detach from the usual comparisons. Of course it's almost a law that they can't escape the Sisters comparison, but at least this time around we can add bands like Rammstein and Orgy to the soup bowl.The CD was produced by members of Midnight Configuration and Suspiria and among other things comes with a beautiful art work.

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