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Artist: ENDIF (@)
Title: Meta
Format: CD
Label: Crunch Pod Media (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
This is the first "real" full-length by this one-man act leaded by Jason Hollis, if we don’t count the split-release with CAUSTIC to the discography, and I can still remember hearing about this act 3 – 4 years ago coming up through the Thirdwave Collective, which is still active ( A track like "Ashes" caught really my attention and got released on a collective compilation. That it took some more years until this act could leave its hidden status wondered me a bit. So here we have this full-length release out on Crunch Pod Media – and I’ve seldom heard this year anything comparable intense like this one! This isn’t the straight and monotonous beating Powernoise someone may expects, it goes deeper and shows a lot of depth, details and facets. There’s a real intelligent kind behind this 13 tracks, which take influences out of Electro/Industrial, Powernoise (of course...), IDM and Electro-Clash. This is somehow that kind of music where INDIVIDUAL TOTEM at their heydays ("SETI"-era...) have stopped and wouldn’t mind to integrate the "noise" component in their music. Hard electronics filled with real authentic ideas, can you remember to which other release you’ve been said this for a while? "Ashes" is included, but also "Sleeper Cell" which took place on the quadruple Alfa Matrix compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks 2. All relevant older tracks of this act got revamped into this new style, and nothing’s gonna disturb the float of this album. Some well-done co-operations with some different musicians are featured as well, J. Conley aka SAEMSKIN, an act I also lately discovered has laid his hands on "Blotter", one of the outstanding pieces here by combining noise aggression with a constant good but dark melodic content. "Gritscape" is one of the few harsh and fast-forward beating tracks and got manipulated by Mort Rigdon of POLLUTED AXIS. "Totenplatz", a more Dark Electro-oriented track which also has found a free slot on BLC’s Interbreeding VII compilation features lyrics and guest vocals in German by Siren313 of APRAXIA. If you have only a small sense of dedication to hard but still diverse pounding Electro/Industrial/Powernoise music provided with intelligent arrangements and structures, you’ll need to purchase this one. I tend to call this a milestone. Doubleplusgood!!!

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