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Artist: BLUTENGEL (@)
Title: My Saviour
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Out Of Line (@)
Distributor: SPV
Rated: *****
It was about time for Chris Pohl and his both female vocal princesses to return with a new audio sign of life, just right and dedicated to some colder dark days and to help the tended listener through some gray autumn depressions. I think I don’t have to repeat something about the music style BLUTENGEL offers with a growing success, do I? The acceptance is increasing and entries in the German Media Control Charts – just like their label colleagues AND ONE and CLIENT - are only a matter of time. "My Saviour" features three different versions of this danceable main track, one original and two remix works by CEPHALGY (a real alternative version, but lesser dancefloor-compatible...) and ADAM (offers a harder stomping version...). Add to this the fine track "Verdammnis" with German lyrics, to my taste the better one compared to the title track because of the better included female vocals. With "In Winter" you’ll got another track showing the more ballad-like and orchestral arranged side this act has to offer. BLUTENGEL of course walking the same successful formula like they’ve done before, the Dark Romantic Electro/Futurepop style on which they can be called leaders of the genre. It’s like the daily burger: you’ll know what you’ll get. Definitively quality stuff which has my acceptance and best wishes for success, but no need to praise it like heaven. The Goth-kids will dig it a lot, a must-have for the fans.

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