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Artist: C/A/T (@)
Title: ATF
Format: CD EP
Label: Crunch Pod Media (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
A new EP release of this project leaded by Ben Arp, who’s also behind the label Crunch Pod Media. Strictly limited to 666 hand-numbered exemplars, this EP presents some reworked tracks from the past full-length album "The Rogue Pair" as well as some special tracks composed in between, which don’t fit with the concept of the next release "Transcend", intended to be out in February 2K7. The provided music Ben and his female partner Kat offer here, can be easily compared to some efforts of TERRORFAKT, MANUFACTURA or ALTER DER RUINE. It’s rhythmically and hammering Powernoise, right and straight forward-moving with a hefty-in-your-face-attitude. It is –as usual for the genre – instrumental music, but filled with some funny voice samples, which really made me smile when there are male/female conversations if "gripping on tits" is sex or not... ("Enhancer"). So you’ll got here new versions of the last albums’ favorites like "Smashed (V.2)", "Enhancer (V.2) or "A Line In The Sand (One Step Over Mix)". Also two foreign remix works provided by the already mentioned TERRORFAKT ("Enemy Within") and Mr. Matt "Eurotic" Fanale aka CAUSTIC ("Enhancer" – love tits???) are featured. 6 tracks are only listed here, but there are two hidden extra pieces, "Pairasight (Instrumental Mix)" and "The Prisoner (Live and Loathing in Las Vegas)". And with the track "(We Make) Music To Piss You Off" you’ll get the tasteful motto and message behind this EP – pain is only for the weak and the fainted of heart. Pounding dancefloor-compatible Powernoise music which should work well in the related clubs.

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