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Sep 30 2002
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Artist: IC 434 (@)
Title: The Banished
Format: CD
Label: Body Records (Daft Records) (@)
Distributor: EFA / Trisol
It's been quite a long time since last time I got something from Daft records (or their sub label Body records, in this case) and it's been quite a long time since a band has been compared to Cat Rapes Dog and Project Pitchfork, so it is with great pleasure and curiosity that I put on "The Banished", by Belgian Dj and electronic artist Geert de Wilde, here under his moniker IC 434, name of a galactic fog. This is his 3rd full length album and presents hard hitting edgy industrial-dance drumming, minimal but punchy power electronic textures, overall saturation, dancy techno-rave lines and buried distorted vocals according to the book of true electronic body music of Mittel-European origins. The commercial catchy lines of the dancefloor clash with the brutal noise fierce here. Beat is the key here, fast and slow but always pounding, along with the analog synths and the digital sequencing. Instrumental compositions but also interesting lyrics in some songs and sampled vocals in others (like in "Our Great Nation", where a war-making US president Bush practically declares war right after September 11). And it was with great surprise that I found out that there is one more electronic band (along with Australia's Eye, but sadly not many others) who cares about animal rights and who sings about it in a song. My hat goes off to that!

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