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Artist: BRAVE (@)
Title: Searching for the Sun
Format: CD
Label: Dark Symphonies (@)
Distributor: FAB
Formerly called Arise From Thorns, the all new band Brave is one of those outfits walking the thin line between dark and metal, which is the very music the Dark Symphonies label is known for anyway. After their self-released EP "Waist Deep in Dark Waters" (and other releases as Arise From Thorns), "Searching for the Sun" is a full length work of love that delivers beautiful melodic songs played with a prog vein under a dark light. In some magic way, powerful guitar riffs and knowledgeable drumming are able to share the tracks with enchanting female vocals lovely merging with bright acoustic guitars and keyboard-strings orchestrations; even occasional nice synthetic atmospheres find their way through the light... The band is quite technical as well (the guitar player clearly loves Satriani but is able to keep his guitar playing almost un-affected by this influence, or else it would quickly become cheesy; and the drummer too plays well, with a nice touch and right in the pocket) which of course makes it all even more enjoyable. Engineer Kevin Guitierrez has performed a nice job a Assembly Line Studios, except sometimes I would have given the bass a little more presence and fullness. Think 3rd and the Mortal if you like, but there are many other bands from the same area that could be mentioned. The album is diverse and beautiful in its calm movements and its guitar-intensified dark-metal compositions. This album is a great pleasure to listen to and even comes with catchy "rock" tunes that could have a commercial potential. In conclusion, a good example of the best of both worlds.The artwork is by The Soil Bleeds Black member Michael Riddick.

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