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Artist: Torpedo Boyz
Title: Headache Music
Format: CD
Label: Sounds from the Roof (@)
Distributor: Caroline
Rated: *****
Sounds From the Roof, the label run by the cool guys of Rooftop Promotions and Visions from the Roof licensing, is about to release (Feb 2007) a super groovy super cool all-live musicians dance record by the Berlin/Tokyo & Paris producers/DJs team Kentastic and Rollin Hard, who for the occasion have renamed themselves Torpedo Boyz. The funky grooves, the groovy bass lines, the fat beats, the funk guitars, the stabs, the flutes, the vibes and the vibes (that's not a type, if you catch my drift), make for your ideal soundtrack to movies like Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen or Jackie Brown or stuff like that. Moving, huffing and puffing, getting down and dirty, dancefloor/movie music...
The 15 tracks of "Headache Music" feature a lot of collaborations (a 70 year old Bobby Hebb, composer of "Sunny", remixers Fort Knox Five and P.E.T. among others), foreign language vocals (Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and French among English and possibly others) and interesting/funny lyrics. The album is definitely entertaining but it seems like it can't quite keep up with the momentum created by such strong opening tracks such as "Gimme A Bassline!", "Start Being Nicer" and "Are You Talking to Me???" (definitely the good stuff here!). Luckily the three ending bonus track pick it up back up.
As I mentioned the entire album is played live, which is unusual, admirable and awesome in my book (as electronically-inclined as I am, as I producer I still appreciate musicianship more than computers-only). Thanks to their affiliation with the label's sister licensing company, Torpedo Boyz have already made their way into a Northern European Cheerios TV commercial and a Puma fashion ad on MTV, and chances are we'll hear more placements in TV/film. Keep an ear out for this. Good music, good vibes, great musicianship, great production.

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