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Artist: VV.AA
Title: Wooden Octopus Skull - Experimental Musick pFestival 2006
Format: CD
Label: PsychForm records (@)
Distributor: Enterruption & the Electric Heavyland
Rated: *****
The Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Musick pFestival took place in Seattle last September, lasted four days and featured 27 bands, mostly, as you might have guessed, into noise/experimental/drones etc. It was organized by PsychForm records and a local record store called Enterruption & the Electric Heavyland. Attendees were offered a 10x10" 32 pages b/w magazine with full color cover and a CD compilation enclosed to serve as festival program. The remaining of the copies is now being sold for only $10. The line up of the show is represented in the magazine with interviews/bios/photos while the CD features exclusive tracks by Wolf Eyes, Dead Machines, Double Leopards, Yellow Swans, Hive Mind, Cherry Point (all the bands performing on the stage of the last day). Since the festival, judging by this magazine, would seem to have been organized very well, I am not sure why the CD doesn't contain more of the artists featured on the bill. I am also not sure whether these tracks have been recorded live the closing day or if they are studio tracks (one would think so from the ending crowd noise track no.7). It goes without saying that this release has a pretty high intrinsic archival value attached to it and if you enjoy listening to (pretty much in that order) extreme harsh noise, subtle ambient drones, ethereal distorted feedbacks, improvised reverberated sounds, surreal sub-harmonic loops and harsh industrial power noise screaming this will probably be right up your alley! My hat goes off to this initiative, as it's definitely a great way to welcome festival goers and document an event for posterity!

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